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What is Battle House?

Battle House Laser Combat was established in 2013 to introduce a more sophisticated and engaging form of tactical combat laser tag that is tactical in nature and utilizes high tech, realistic equipment and gaming props for a truly memorable gaming experience. Our first location opened in October 2014 in the Chicago suburbs of Lake Barrington, Illinois. One year later our second location was opened in Wilmington, NC. In 2019 our third and fourth Battle Houses were opened in Waukesha, WI and Fayetteville, NC.
All locations offer a gaming experience that is mission-based, team orientated, challenging and just a lot of fun. The indoor arenas are massive and purposely designed to create a simulated urban, close quarters combat environment for nearly all ages.

The game play is virtually continuous for you and your teammates once you complete the initial pre-registration process and the safety and orientation briefing. For parents, this is a chance for you to “play” with your kids, get them off the couch and into a unique and exciting experience that you will talk about for years to come. The Battle Crew is trained to provide you an enjoyable experience and provide the highest levels of customer service and safety. As you will find out, many of them are military veterans or public safety professionals. In addition to the expansion of owned Battle House locations across the U.S., Battle House Laser Combat, Inc. began offering its newly developed franchise program in 2019. Potential franchisees will have opportunities to establish their locations with guidance from experienced business professionals and veterans. As a Franchisee, the majority of your laser tag equipment necessary to introduce tactical laser tag is built in-house including the laser tag guns, domination cubes and brief case bombs.

Our Mission

To create the most FUN experience in town.


For a military-style combat adventure, you have two main choices: laser combat, which is a much more realistic and sophisticated experience, or paintball. Laser tag uses infrared light to monitor the hits; the invisible light is completely harmless, using the same technology as your TV remote. However, paintball involves the use of projectiles which can cause injuries and painful welts on your body. Playing paintball, you have to wear helmets and protective eye wear and most wear heavily padded clothing. Playing laser tag, you wear a Velcro headband & that’s it.

Paintball is played outside, so if the weather is bad, you have to change your plans. Battle House offers a 14,000 square foot, indoor, multi-level arena perfect for any weather.

Unlike paintball where you have to worry about someone bringing their own advanced guns to rival your rental equipment. At Battle House Laser Combat, players show up ready to get a great workout and learn to strategize with their teammates during various entertaining mission scenarios. When a player is hit, it will register as a sound and the weapon is disabled after a certain number of hits. Once disabled, the player will go back to their home base and respawn to get back in the game. When you get hit in paintball, there is a physical indication and, as a result, you’re out until the next round which could take 15 minutes or more to conclude. Who wants to wait around to play again?

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