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Get out of the office with a corporate outing at Battle House in Wilmington! Focus on team goals and accomplishments rather than individual results. Our missions will break down communication barriers all while having a blast! You and your team will solve problems, improve communication, get empowered, and relieve stress!

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Mission-based laser tag is not the traditional “kiddy-style” laser tag with small plastic gaming devices. Rather, it is a thrilling form of entertainment known as tactical laser tag using simulated weapons that visibly model those used in military combat training. The experience requires tactics and team strategies as you engage in a wide variety of mission scenarios such as Total Domination, Capture the Flag, Man Hunt, Rescue Randy, Protect Your VIP, and Search and Destroy.

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For any business or corporation in Wilmington, NC thinking about a corporate event, business event, or a team building function, our team building objective games are something to consider. Corporate events in Wilmington can be entertaining while offering the business activities to grow the corporations’ values. Battle House does that. Hold a private corporate event for your staff. Tag: Corporate Events in Wilmington.

Breaking the cycle of just clocking in and out is important for a business. It’s rejuvenating for the employees and helps grow the company culture.

Wilmington, NC has several places you can use for event space, but what kinds of places does Wilmington have that include scenario-based objectives? Maybe you’re considering corporate entertainment or a corporate activity in Wilmington, NC for the sake of the following:

  • Escaping the corporate world for a moment and having some awesome group events.
  • Placing employees in situations that require communication, strategy, planning, teamwork, and execution.
  • Put your employees in teams and work together to accomplish the objective, while having fun.
  • A corporate event that increases business synergy and company morale.
    To organize a corporate event in Wilmington, NC.

The experience is like combining paintball, call of duty, teams, and objectives that require critical thinking, teamwork, and communication. Battle House is one of Wilmington’s largest interior locations for corporate events, team building functions, and group events.

Our missions break down communication barriers all while having your adrenaline pumping!

  • Massive arena to host a business activity in Wilmington, NC.
  • Your employees choose their weapons.
  • Weapons are realistic, modeled after their military counterparts. Such as
    Semi automatics, fully automatic, sniper rifles, sub machine guns, pistols, and sawed off shotguns.
  • The arena has an M-2 .50 cal laser tag machine gun.
  • Corporate events are private, so it’s just you and your employees.
  • 5 to 7 games.
  • Private space for the company to meet.
  • Team-oriented tactical missions. Objectives are focused on completion as a team, instead of individual stats.
  • Level up with Elite Tactics where you learn basic infantry tactics training, like how to enter and sweep rooms and buildings.

Investing in team building activities is investing in your business. When everybody works together, a business is much more efficient. Activities like our scenario-based objectives help to show employees the importance of teamwork and collaboration within the company.

Your team will focus on objectives and success as a group. Our missions will provide opportunities to help your team grow together, all while having fun! We’re here to help Wilmington’s businesses grow from the inside out.


Battle House parties are public events and you may play with other players not in your party.
Private Events are also available if you’d like to book the entire facility.


When can I get the event room? How much does it cost?

We offer use of an event room for up to 45 minutes after the gaming session for $50. The room may be available earlier depending upon prior use, schedule, cleaning and set-up. Chairs, tables and table covers are included and we will clean up after your event.

Can we bring in our own food?
Can we bring in our own beverages? Does Battle House offer beverages?

We have a no carry-in policy for outside beverages. We offer a wide variety of soda, energy drinks, water, and beer for purchase. Cups will be provided with drinks.

Are paper products, napkins, or utensils available?

We happily provide paper products for your event!

Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy

For Private Events:

If you cancel or reschedule the Private Event with less than 72 hours notice you are responsible for the entire balance. Once the event is within 72 hours, we are unable to issue a refund.

The person who booked the reservation will be responsible for the full payment discussed if you have less than the minimum number of players required.

For Parties:

Individual Tickets and Parties can be rescheduled to another date with 48 hours advance notice.

If you cancel or reschedule your Party with less than 72 hours notice your deposit will be forfeited. A new deposit will be required if you would like to reschedule.

Updated player counts must be made at least 72 hours prior to the event.

You are financially responsible for the number of players in your reservation. Please call and provide notice 24 hours before your scheduled battle if you have changes to your player count.

No refunds will be given for missing (AWOL) players the day of the battle.

For Individual Tickets:

Individual Tickets can be rescheduled to another date with 48 hours advance notice.

If you cancel or reschedule your tickets with less than 48 hours notice, the tickets will be forfeited. Funds will not be transferred to the new date and time.

You are financially responsible for the number of players in your reservation. Please call and provide notice 24 hours before your scheduled battle if you have changes to your player count.

No refunds will be given for missing (AWOL) players the day of the battle.

Terms & Conditions

All sales are final and no refunds are permitted.

Promotions or Special Offers are valid only for the date we indicate on the offer.

Special Offers cannot be combined with other Special Offers or discounts.

No exceptions will be made.

Important Notices

All players must complete our waiver of liability before entering the gaming arena. Please click the link below.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your Battle Time for check-in. Battles will begin promptly at the designated start time. We recommend players wear athletic attire and soft soled shoes.

Carry-in beverages are not permitted. Food may be brought in or delivered. Please bring your own paper products.

The following items are not allowed in our facility:

Silly string, glitter, confetti, TNT Pop Its, sparklers, stink bombs, balls or helium balloons.

For any questions or concerns, please call us at 910-434-5544


Reserve your ticket now. We’ll see you in the arena!

Learn about our corporate events in Wilmington, NC, call us at 910-434-5544.

We are located at 1817 Hall Dr, Wilmington, NC 28405. Close to Wilmington’s airport.

The purpose of a team building corporate event is for the employees to recognize how working together creates team chemistry, building individual strengths and attributes, and providing opportunities for collective problem solving.

We are flexible for scheduling during the week and weekends and also offer conference rooms before, during, and after Battle Time with use of our bar.
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