Tactical Laser Tag

Heart-Racing Fun for the Whole Family

Experience laser tag like never before. Realistic guns, huge arenas, and extended game times make for a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Get your battle on today!

The Experience

When you step into our arena, you’ll be transported into a world of high-intensity, fast-paced gameplay. You’ll spend over an hour competing against the other team to complete missions and score points. Each mission is designed to test your tactical skills and teamwork. You’ll have to think critically and make quick decisions to outsmart and outgun your opponents.

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Massive Indoor Arenas

Our multi-story buildings and wide variety of obstacles create a battlefield experience like no other. Like your favorite first-person shooter game, our arena is designed to immerse you in a high-intensity, realistic combat scenario.

Our buildings offer a variety of strategic vantage points for you to take cover and plan your next move. With a wide variety of missions and objectives, you’ll never have the same experience twice.

Laser Tag Armory

Our armories house a wide selection of realistic laser tag guns that mimic real-life firearms. Each weapon is designed to provide a unique set of stats and capabilities, allowing you to choose the weapon that best suits your playstyle.

Whether you prefer to go in guns-blazing with the XM4, take out enemies from a distance with the Sniper, or get up close and personal with the Shotgun, we have something for everyone.

Semi Auto

Full Auto


Multiple Missions

A variety of different missions will challenge your teamwork and communication skills and ensure that no two battles are the same. Step into the arena and experience these missions first-hand!

Bomb Missions

Search & Destroy

Armed Attacking Team members have multiple target objectives that vary in value based on proximity to their starting location.

Points are earned by the difficulty of the target.

The attacking team needs to use their judgment to determine if they are going after a high value target (more risk, more to gain) or an easy, lower value target (less risk, less gain).

Scorched Earth

St. Nowhere is under siege; several attackers with explosive backpacks are planning to level the town.

Black Hawk Down

The Raptor helicopter has crashed and the crew is scattered around the area. While they need to be rescued the helicopter also needs to be destroyed to keep any technology from falling into the hands of the enemy.

Domination Cube Games

Bunker Hill

The .50-caliber machine gun at the end of Main Street has been abandoned after a Defending Team team neutralized the local rebel group manning it. Now the Attacking Team and the Counter-Attacking Team have to fight for control of it.


Domination Cubes and Wall Mounted Cubes will be placed throughout the Facility and points are determined based on who establishes and maintains control of each cube. The Domination Cube can change hands multiple times within this scenario. This game represents a team’s total control and domination of an area.

King of the Hill

Teams are attempting to download data from different sites as they become active. Once the team has the full data cache they win.

Money Heist Games


The Robbers will attempt to get as much money as they can from the Bank. The Police will do their best to stop the crime.

Safe Cracker

The attacking team is attempting to crack the code to a nearby safe and steal the money bags from it. The defending team must stop the attacking team at all costs.

Cops & Robbers

In this mission, the Cops are trying to locate Robbers who have stolen money from the bank. Their objective is to eliminate those holding the money and return the bags to the safe in the bank.

Other Games

Capture the Flag

3 versions! Be the first team to return your flag to your team’s base in this classic mission.

Rescue Games

Hostage, VIP, Get Down Mr. President, Rescue Ron/Randy/Rob/Randa/Roy, Hacksaw Ridge, Riot

Elimination Games

Juggernaut, Manhunt, Fugitive, Bounty Hunter

Get to the Chopper

Team Elimination

Special Event Games

May the 4th, Zombie

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