The Experience


Join us for an action-packed adventure as you and your team face off in a variety of different missions that will challenge your teamwork and communication skills. With different scenarios and objectives, no two battles will be the same at our laser tag arena.


Battles in our custom-designed arenas, complete with obstacles, hiding spots, special effects and more!

  • Massive Arenas

  • Multiple buildings and obstacles

  • Crashed helicopters
  • Realistic environments


Product Quality Index


Energy Generation


Upgrade your game with one of our many laser tag gun upgrades. We have a gun for every playstyle from AK-47s and XM4s to Shotguns, Pistols, and Submachine Guns.

Semi Auto

Full Auto


The Lounge

Our spacious lounge is optimal for relaxation after an exhausting battle. Check out the wide variety of beer (at select locations) and non-alcoholic beverages! 

General Rules

Have Fun

No running

Dead men can’t talk

No charging

No spawn camping

No gum, food, or drink in the arena