Laser Tag: The Ultimate Choice for School Outings, Scout Troops, and Sports Team Events

Enhancing Teamwork, Leadership, and Fun in Youth Activities

Youth Event Ideas

When it comes to planning school outings, scout troop activities, or sports team events, the goal is to find an activity that is engaging, safe, and encourages teamwork. Laser tag, particularly at Battle House, fits the bill perfectly. With its extended gameplay, available party rooms, team-focused objectives, and a variety of realistic laser tag guns, it’s the ideal choice for your next youth event.

Extended Gameplay

Battle House Laser Tag offers over an hour of gameplay, ensuring a lasting and engaging experience. This duration allows for multiple rounds, giving everyone a chance to participate and enjoy, making it perfect for large groups.

Party Room Availability

Battle House Laser Tag caters for your group’s needs with available party rooms. This gives your group a private space to relax, discuss strategies, and enjoy refreshments between games, fostering camaraderie and relaxation.

Team-Based Objectives

All games at Battle House are red vs blue team and objective-based, eliminating individual scoring and encouraging teamwork. This setup promotes cooperation, leadership, and strategic thinking – crucial skills for youth development.

Realistic Laser Tag Guns

Battle House offers a range of realistic laser tag guns modeled after real firearms. With choices ranging from sniper, shotgun, XM4, AK-47, and more, each with different stats, participants can enjoy a touch of authenticity and excitement in their game.

Why Laser Tag

Battle House Laser Tag presents a unique, engaging, and team-building option for school outings, scout troops, sports team events, and other youth activities. Its features are tailored to offer a memorable experience that combines fun, teamwork, and a hint of realism. So, when planning your next youth event, consider the unique and exciting experience of laser tag at Battle House. It’s a choice that will resonate with your group, fostering camaraderie, leadership, and unforgettable memories.

Key Benefits of Battle House Laser Tag for Youth Events

  • Over an hour of gameplay for continuous engagement and team bonding.
  • Party room availability for relaxation, strategizing, and refreshments.
  • Team-based, objective-driven games that foster cooperation and strategic thinking.
  • Realistic laser tag guns for an authentic and exciting gameplay experience.
  • Variety of guns to choose from, catering to different playstyles.

Customer Reviews

Nikki N.
Great guns .. good exercise... fun competition for the kids and adults
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Kasie C.
We had a blast tonight!!
Thank you 😊
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Michael A.
it was an awesome time and great senerio games. Would definitely becoming back...
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Dion H.
Had a great time visiting friends. we stopped to Battle House and had a great time!! definitely will go back
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Logan H.
Battle house review
1 It was super fun the areas and all the mini games. 2.The guns where super cool with the upgrades and super fun for my b-day
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Jose B.
It was really fun and all of you guys should come especially with your friends
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